Fatty acid composition of meat of wild boar (Sus scrofa) hunted in the southwest region of Slovakia


Rolinec M., Bíro D., Gálik B., Šimko M., Juráček M., Hanušovský O., Imrich I., Bučko O., Lieskovcová B.




   The aim of the this study was to determine the fatty acid profile, fat content and gross energy of meat of wild boar (Sus scrofa) hunted in hunting organization PZ Hôrka Rohožník, southwest region of Slovakia. Samples of musculus semimembranosus were collected immediately after hunting and gutting. A total Samples were organize according to age category (the youngest, sub adult and adult) and next according to month of hunting (August, November, December and January). The age category as well as the month of hunting did not have significant effect on fat and gross energy concentration of wild boar meat (P>0.05). Significant effect of age category was detected for C16:1 and C18:3 n3 (P<0.05). Significant effect of hunting month was detected for C16:0, C18:0, C20:1 n9 and SFA (P<0.05). The lowest n6/n3 ratio (12.14) was detected in adult wild boars and animals hunted in August.


Key Words: Wild boar, age, meat, fatty acid, gross energy