Lehotayová A., Bučko O., Debrecéni, O.

Nutritional compensation of energy intake in fattening pigs under conditions of high temperature

This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of high-temperature environment (30 ˚C) on performance and fattening parameters of Large White breed by the nutritional compensation. High temperature causes difficulties in the heat balance of pigs and it can be regulated by the energetic subsidy in the diet. Twenty-four pigs with initial weight of 50 kg were assigned to dietary treatment with addition of fat and treatment without fat. One of the groups was kept in the standard conditions. The addition of fat in the diet of pigs housed in hot temperature environment improved the average daily gain and decreased average daily feed intake compared to pigs kept in a high temperature without fat addition in the diet. Nutritional compensation during heat was showed in the costs per kg gain which were lower in the group with the fat addition in the diet. It can be concluded that the addition of fat in the diet for pigs kept in hot temperature environment can be a good compensation of energy intake during the heat stress.


Key words: pigs, high temperature, fat addition