Kamanová V., Hadaš Z., Nevrkla P.

influence of genotype on production and quality of boar semen

The aim of this study was to compare the production and quality of sperm boar between purebreds and hybrid (paternal) lines. The research material consisted of 265 boars present at the insemination station. In monitoring were included boars of three breeds (Large White Czech, Czech Landrace, Duroc) and two paternal lines (Line 38 and Line 48). Analyzed parameters were semen volume, concentration of spermatozoa, progressive motion of spermatozoa and abnormal spermatozoa. In this paper it was confirmed that there are inter-breed and inter-line differences in the quantity and quality of boar semen, but none of the breeds and lines achieved unique exceptional results in all indicators. The average value of semen volume of boars oscillated within the range from 220.91 (Duroc) to 333.03 ml (Czech Landrace), concentration of spermatozoa was from 330.27 (Czech Landrace) to 471.74 thousand spermatozoa per mm3 (Duroc), progressive motion of spermatozoa was from 71.20 (Duroc) to 74.62 % (Line 48) and percentage of abnormal spermatozoa was from 5.56 (Czech Large White) to 9.04 % (Duroc). All of the above parameters are only partial indicators. For assessment of quality of semen from a comprehensive point of view, auxiliary data was calculated for individual breeds and lines, namely total number of spermatozoa and corrected number of spermatozoa in the ejaculate. The total number of spermatozoa oscillated within the range from 91.34 (Czech Large White) to 109.99 billion (Czech Landrace) and corrected number of spermatozoa was from 64.27 (Czech Large White) to 75.84 billion (Line 48).


Key Words: boar, genotype, semen production, semen quality