Effect of linseed in pig diet on fatty acid content in backfat of Prestice Black-Pied pigs


Václavková E., Bělková J., Rozkot M.


Institute of Animal Science Prague, Czech Republic




   The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of linseed in diet of fattening Prestice Black-Pied pigs on fatty acid composition in their backfat. Sixteen Prestice Black-Pied pigs were divided into two groups and fed control diet (group C) and diet with 7 % of linseed addition (group L). The experiment started three months before slaughter. The intake of feed mixture and water was ad libitum. The average final live weight was 114.13 ± 10.09 kg (C group) and 110.00 ± 9.46 kg (L group).  The content of total saturated fatty acid was not significantly influenced by the diet (P˃0.05). Dietary supplementation with linseed significantly increased proportion of linolenic acid in backfat fatty acids (P<0.05). The total polyunsaturated fatty acid proportion was also significantly affected by the linseed diet (14.34 ± 3.09 rel. % in C group, 15.76 ± 2.14 rel. % in L group). The content of ω6 and ω3 polyunsaturated fatty acid was significantly increased by the linseed diet (P<0.05). Also ω6/ω3 PUFA ratio was significantly influenced by the diet.


Key Words: Přeštice Black Pied pig, linseed, backfat, fatty acid